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Mamuka Gorgodze: "Until We Have Such Fans, We will Play Hard"

Mamuka Gorgodze, captain of the Georgian national rugby team, evaluated the match against Samoa with journalists. The Georgian player was surprised by today’s refereeing. He promised the fans, that until they support them so fervently the team will play hard. Mamuka also commented about the upcoming test match against Scotland.

“I do not like talking about referees, but during the scrum they deserved a yellow card at least twice. In France, they would definitely receive it and I was surprised at his behavior, because he is French and referees the French Cup. Perhaps, after the penalty try he became more compassionate towards Samoans, I do not know.

Scotland is a strong team with a strong coach. We all saw their play against Australia and they are favorites. It’s a pity we lost to Japan. Because with two more wins we would play more motivated.

Special thanks to fans. Despite the fact that we lost the previous match, the stadium was still full today. Until such supporters will exist, we will play hard”, - said Gorgodze.

Sopo Erkvania

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