FIFA World Cup

14:56 | 15.07

"Copa de Mundo" was Held

I would not be biased if I say that World Championship was held in Brazil. Unfortunately, the time passed quickly. It happens so, you wait for the first forum of World football for 4 years and as Brazilians call “Copa de Mundo” ends in a month.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup was hold in Brazil, speaks for itself. Before its start, there were talks about that the country was not ready for such a big forum. Perhaps, there were small problems in organizing side, but overall it is nothing to compare with those hundreds of thousands of fans, who saw this. Some of the matches beat the record of TV audience of some countries.

20:30 | 13.07

"Maracana" - the World's Football Epicenter

On the final day of World Cup security measures are enhanced near “Maracana”. You have to walk quite a long distance to reach the stadium. Besides journalists, the police let only ticket holders enter the territory. The military police helicopters are patrolling in the sky. It is natural because lots of officials from different countries will attend the final.


04:11 | 14.07

0The "Stars" Closed the World Cup

While being in Rio de Janeiro I assured in the fact that the Brazilians are skilled in singing and dancing. These talented people hold the closing ceremony of World Cup wonderfully, in which I did not ...

03:43 | 14.07

0Germany Wrote the History

Besides the fact that Germany became world champion for the fourth time, the German team wrote the new page in the history of world football. Until now, the European team has not won the World Cup on South ...

02:02 | 13.07

0The Most Important Match of Sabella and the Entire Argentina

According to Jose Basanta, defender of the Argentine national football team, the entire Argentina is waiting for the victory in the World Cup final. According to him, it is a very important match and they ...

23:21 | 12.07

0Joachim Low: "Argentina Is not Only Messi"

According to Bastian Schweinsteiger, midfielder of the German national team, if they use their pluses against Argentina in the World Cup final, they will win. He made this statement at the press conference ...

21:18 | 12.07

0"Stars" in "Maracana"

Pop stars visited “Maracana” a day before the World Cup final. Before the final the closing ceremony of Brazil 2014 will be held. Sharika, Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Carlinhos Brown, Alexandre ...

13:03 | 12.07

0The Entire Argentina Is in Rio

As it was expected, Rio de Janeiro is crowded with fans of “La Albiceleste”. Those who have been in Rio are joined by fans from different cities of Brazil. They spend time on “Copacabana”. ...

12:36 | 12.07

0"Botafogo" - "The Lone Star" of Garrincha from Rio de Janeiro

If you are in Rio de Janeiro and love football, you must visit the club where world’s all-time one of the best football players “Mane” Garrincha played. “People’s Joy”, ...

10:12 | 11.07

0The Statue of Christ the Redeemer - the World's New Wonder in Rio de Janeiro

The world’s largest statue of Christ is number 1 city sight of Brazil. The statue, which is 38 meters tall and weighs 1145 tons, is located at the peak of the Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. ...

10:39 | 10.07

0Argentine Knockout to Brazilians

It is easy to imagine what a day would be for Brazilians after losing to Germans. The first pages of the newspapers reported the shame of “pentacampeones”. Some of them had a view of funeral. ...

16:58 | 09.07

0“Selaron’s Steps”

“Selaron’s Steps” or “Escadaria Selaron” as the Brazilians call it is mentioned as one of the city sights in the video clip of the 2016 Olympics. The mentioned stairway is ...