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Milton Haig: "We Had Mistakes and I Am not Completely Satisfied"

Milton Haig, head coach of the Georgia national rugby union team, and captain Merab Sharikadze held a post-match press conference after beating Canada (54:22).

- Young players held a very good match. Does it mean they will be in lineup against Wales?

Milton Haig: “It means nothing. Despite scoring 54 points, I am not 100% satisfied. However, the young boys played well. We really have progress”.

- Canada scored 22 points and is not it too much?

Milton Haig: “Of course, we are not happy with it. The try which was scored after a quick penalty is the most disappointing for me. Neither captain nor Levan Maisashvili is happy with it. Canada is a good team and gained these points deservedly”.

- The coach noted that we had some problems. What should be improved most?

Milton Haig: “It was the first match of the series and we know the first match is always tough. Tonight when we will depart for London, we will analyze the match”.

- A year and half ago we talked about the young players: Modebadze, Aprasidze, Gorgadze, Giorgadze. We are playing Wales in the next match but the 2019 World Cup is the most important thing. How do you think, these boys will be ready to play at such level in 2019?

Milton Haig: “We believe in them. The more they will have chance to play in test matches, the more the quality of their play will improve. It does not matter who they will play. It will be not only for 2019 but for 2023, etc”.

- We scored more points against Canada than Maori All Blacks did a week ago. It seemed that we won easily. Is it true?

Merab Sharikadze: “It was not easy. We scored so many points because the opponent did not let us relax.”

- How do you estimate chances against Wales?

Milton Haig: “Everything depends on our preparation. We are tired of saying that Georgia has no chance against top level teams. Anything can happen, if we fight till the end.”

- Yesterday you were in better mood than today. Did you expect better result or is it just stress?

Milton Haig: “I am from the country where everything happens around rugby. Of course, we are happy with this victory and we will celebrate it, but even when I was a rugby player, if I did not like the quality of play, I always thought about its improving.”

Merab Sharikadze: “Tomorrow when we will arrive in London, we will watch the tries which were scored against us. We always start summarization with our mistakes”.

- The level of the national championship is improving. We want to know what the coach thinks about it.

Milton Haig: “Of course, the national championship is improving and the young players proved it.”

- Vasil Lobzhanidze seems to stop progressing. What is the reason?

Merab Sharikadze: “Vaska is a high-level player and everybody expects more from him. Spectators do not forgive him mistakes.”

Milton Haig: “Yes, I agree with Merab. Everybody expects more from him. Gela Aprasidze’s factor is worth mentioning. He gives Vaska additional motivation”.

The Lelos will hold the second test match against Wales on November 18.

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