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Mchedlidze: "Yesterday I felt Bad, Worse Things Happened Today"

Levan Mchedlidze, Georgian striker of Italy’s “Empoli”, commented on the decision of the Disciplinary Committee about his 3-match disqualification. Mchedlidze noted he could not explain why he was punished so harshly.

“What can I say? – I cannot believe. I am still thinking why I received 3-match disqualification and cannot find a reason. Yesterday I felt very bad because I left my team with 10 players and I could not understand what I did wrong. Worse things happened today”, - Mchedlidze wrote in social network.

In the 35th round of Serie A the Georgian striker was sent off in the match against “Carpi”. He appeared to elbow Marco Crimi at the 25th minute. The current season has already finished for Levan.